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Dr. Pranab Chatterjee

Dr. Pranab Chatterjee

General Information
Name Dr. Pranab Chatterjee
Educational Qualification MBBS, MD
Designation Scientist B
Division Epidemiology
Specialization Preventive Medicine
Date of joining ICMR 27th January, 2017
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Twitter :


Professional Experience

Even as a medical student, the oft-touted quote, that the book on infectious diseases had been closed, fascinated me. On one hand I grew up reading about the fantastic conquests against the microbial marauders all around us, while on the other, as an overworked medic, I toiled to attend to patients suffering from outbreaks of infectious diseases. Gastroenteritis, dengue, malaria and tuberculosis continued their pillaging, oblivious of the arsenal we thought we had built up against them. This budding interest in infectious diseases, especially, in understanding how infectious disease epidemiology was affected by biological as well as social forces, pushed me towards a career in public health.

Following my residency, I joined as a researcher with a team working on zoonoses, emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. In the time I spent there, my interest in One Health started to grow. I worked closely with researchers from seven countries - Belgium, Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India - to develop a protocol, and then implement a study, to identify the research priorities for the prevention and control of zoonoses in the respective settings. I also supported the team tasked by the WHO to develop a background document to inform the process of the development of the National Action Plan for the containment of antimicrobial resistance in India. I also collaborated closely on developing a framework for the situation analysis of existing systems for the surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in South East Asian countries, created at the behest of SEARO WHO. Further, in addition to scientific work, I was also tasked with the development of a media strategy and for framing advocacy strategies for targeting stakeholders at various levels. The research work I undertook encompasses a wide array of methods, including surveys and field studies; scoping and systematic reviews; stakeholder mapping and analysis; and qualitative research.

The work conducted here has resulted in several publications in reputed, peer-reviewed international journals, like Human Resources for Health, British Medical Journal, and Infection, Ecology and Epidemiology, and the Public Library of Science, to name a few.

After joining the Indian Council of Medical Research, at the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, I intend to continue working on these areas, with a more incisive focus. I hope to expand on my horizons in working on antimicrobial resistance, while bringing a stronger focus on the One Health approach, not only for the containment of antimicrobial resistance, but also for addressing other infectious diseases challenges and health issues which the institute intends to address.

Research Interests

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Health Policy
  • Medical Education
  • One Health and Zoonoses


Member, International Society of Infectious Diseases



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Books / Book-Chapters / Published Reports

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Training Module / Implementation Package

  1. Kakkar M, Chauhan AS, Chatterjee P, Joseph J, on behalf of the Roadmap to Combat Zoonoses in India Initiative. Training manual for the Intervention Phase: Addressing zoonotic disease transmission and veterinary antibiotic use in peri-urban smallholder dairy farms of India. Supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada. New Delhi, October 2016.
  2. Kakkar M, Chatterjee P. Training manual for the Zoonoses Research Workshop. Supported by the Strategic Network for Neglected Diseases and Zoonoses. South Africa, August 2016.
  3. Kakkar M, Chatterjee P. Training manual for identifying research priorities for zoonoses prevention and control in Odisha. Supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada. Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, September 2015.

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