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Dr. Shanta Dutta
M.D., Ph.D.
Designation : Scientist G and Director-in-Charge
Division : Bacteriology

Date Of Birth: November 26, 1962
Date of Joining:
August 3, 1994

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Dr. Shanta Dutta MD, Ph.D., Scientist F, National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata, is a clinical microbiologist and a medical research scientist. After graduated in Medicine from Calcutta National Medical College under the University of Calcutta in 1986, she completed postgraduation in Medical Microbiology from the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Mangalore University in 1992. She has joined NICED, a constituent Institute of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Enteric Diseases, in August 1994 and presently holding the post of Scientist F (Sr. Gr. Deputy Director) in the Division of Bacteriology.

She was awarded with RONPAKU fellowship of JSPS (Japanese Society for Promotion of Science) during 2001-2005 by Dept. of Science and Technology, M/O Science and Technology, Govt. of India (Indian counterpart) and was conferred with Ph.D. Degree from Kyushu University, Japan in 2006 under this program. During this fellowship she gained experience of working on virulence, antimicrobial resistance and molecular epidemiology of enteric bacterial pathogens in the Department of Bacteriology, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. She was selected to participate in the Advanced WHO course on “Immunology, Vaccinology, Biotechnology and Biosafety applied to Infectious Diseases”, held in Lausanne, Switzerland during Sept.–Oct., 1996. She has participated in the International course of laboratory diagnosis of Diarrhoeal Diseases, at ICDDR,B Dacca, Bangladesh during August 2002.She has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) (MAMS) in the year 2013 In recognition of significant contribution for the advancement of medical Sciences.

She is actively involved in research, training and teaching of the microbiological aspect of enteric diseases including diarrhea, enteric fever, water bacteriology. She has interests in exploring antimicrobial resistance of enteric pathogens, mechanism of drug resistance and antibacterial activity of bioactive molecules derived from herbal products. She has worked as principal investigator in a number of intramural and extramural funded projects. She supported the microbiology component of the studies pertaining to other divisions like epidemiology and clinical as a co-investigator and responsible for timely feedback of results to the concerned divisions. She took part in the vaccine trial of Typhoid vaccine (Vi polysaccharide vaccine), disease burden study of typhoid, randomized control clinical trials on usefulness of probiotics in acute diarrhea, role of vit A, micronutrients in acute watery diarrhoea. She acted as an expert in the UNICEF funded project on “Drinking water quality monitoring by H2S KIT” and participated as the nodal person in the multi-centric study on evaluation and operational research of the kit. On ICMR request, she was also involved in the evaluation of solar disinfection method of drinking water in rural household (SODIS).

She has published a number (>65) of original research articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals in the area of Clinical Microbiology, Molecular Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of enteric pathogens, water bacteriology including book chapters. She attended various national and international conferences and presented papers on her research studies. She served as an invited reviewer of a number of national and international reputed journals like Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Microbiology Infectious Diseases, Journal of Medical Microbiology, PloS One, BMC infectious Diseases, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, WHO Guidelines. She has been invited to become editorial international board member of various publishing agencies.


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